As a school psychologist, I have recommended Carol’s services to countless clients following a psychoeducational assessment. Carol is a kind and calming presence who uses evidence-based intervention to help students learn, as well as help them understand how they learn best. She is the most skilled teacher I have met in my ten years in the field of educational psychology.  
-- Educational Psychologist

Our daughter has ADHD - Inattentive type and Non-verbal Learning Disorder. She was having difficulty completing her homework, and assignments were frequently handed in weeks late. After a psychoeducational evaluation revealed the nature of her challenges, we engaged Carol to help her. Carol came and helped our daughter develop the skills and strategies to organize and plan her work. She helped with scheduling, and then reviewed our daughter’s successes and trials so she could learn and improve. Carol also helped develop our daughter’s writing, changing it from a weakness to one of her most notable strengths. Carol advocated tirelessly for the appropriate accommodations at school. Our daughter says that Carol is deeply understanding and caring but did gently require accountability when she fell short of the progress she had already demonstrated. Carol also helped us understand the difficulties that our daughter was having, and to see them from her perspective. With Carol's and our daughter's hard work, her academics steadily improved, and she is now studying at her first choice of post-secondary school, Simon Fraser University.

Thank you, Carol, for years of dedication, hard work, and support.  Your commitment went above and beyond our wildest expectations.
-- Parent of Graduated Student

We feel so honoured and grateful to have Carol working with our son. She brings a positive, open hearted presence that encourages him to be curious and engaged while he develops critically important executive function skills. She’s always prepared, positive, and using our son’s own interests as teaching tools so it doesn’t feel like work.  He feels seen, respected, and valued as a person and a learner when he’s working with Carol. I’m looking forward to her presence in his life as he grows, matures and encounters new challenges.  Thank you Carol for being another caring adult in his life who sees and encourages the gifts in being both gifted and ADHD.   You’re a treasure!
-- Parent of Grade 5 Student

Carol is an amazing tutor. She asks to learn about what you like and relates it to what she is working with you on so it's easier for you to understand.
-- Upper-intermediate Student

Carol has gone above and beyond to support my daughter and family. She genuinely cares for my daughter and has spent time researching her unique learning profile to better understand how to guide her. Carol is patient and understanding, and committed to finding fun ways to connect with my daughter.
-- Parent of Grade 5 Student

She’s smart; she knows how to help you.
She can be any kind of tutor you’d like, and she has techniques of helping me that no one else has shown me before.
-- Grade 5 Student

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