Building Confident Learners

Each child learns best when they know and can use their strengths.

Discovering and successfully applying strengths is key to building confidence.

Self-confidence in learning abilities leads to creativity, competence, and accomplishment.

Unlocking the joys of learning

Carol's Approach

  • Helps students feel safe, respected, motivated, and confident to be empowered learners.
  • Listens empathetically and thoughtfully to hear individual learner needs and goals.
  • Draws extensively from professional and personal evaluations and reports.
  • Uses informed, practical approaches for setting targets and goals.
  • Helps student create and monitor doable, measurable action plans and steps.
  • Explicitly teaches executive function skills and strategies, how to apply strengths, manage weaknesses to improve and fulfil learning outcomes.
  • Applies diverse approaches to learning, using specialized teaching skills and thorough knowledge of curricula.

Clients Say...

  • With Carol's and our daughter's hard work, her academics steadily improved, and she is now studying at her first choice… Simon Fraser University.
  • She is the most skilled teacher I have met in my ten years in the field of educational psychology.
  • Your commitment went above and beyond our wildest expectations. 
  • [Our son] feels seen, respected, and valued as a person and a learner when he’s working with Carol.
  • Carol is an amazing tutor.


Carol McIntyre

Teacher,  Tutor,  Consultant,  Educator

Educated in Developmental Psychology and Communi­cations, SFU Bachelor of General Studies; Self-directed Focus: Child Growth & Development.

Achieved SFU’s Professional Teaching Credential with special attention on Individualized Instruction, Open and Child-centered Education, and Special Education; Team Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Education, PDP, Summer Session.

Taught for over 35 years in BC School Districts, Grades 4-7; Private Tutor Grades 3-12 for students managing ADHD, NLD, LD; family Education Consultant.

Continues to research and learn to answer questions, create solutions, inspire confident, competent learners.


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